A keen amateur photographer, my focus has always been on trying to capture the beauty of the outdoors and the wildlife living there, with an increasing tendency to gravitate towards colder climes and bad weather.

The impact of our activities on the environment is becoming increasingly clear and while much good and beneficial work is being done much remains. We all need to do our part to preserve the value of what we have for future generations and I hope some of these photographs spark your interest.

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Mark W

the older I get the better I was.....

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A good weekend
29th May 2014
Where's winter ... plus other things
21st February 2014
A bit of a rant on environmental issues in general and Owen Paterson in particular ....... with a few bird images!
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A Day at Slimbridge
26th January 2014
Focussing on one Redpoll
26th January 2014


Brown Hawker - Mid-Wales Animals Damsels in distress Birds
iced river feshie Land and seascapes a cold glen feshie morning Sunrise and sunset
twas a cold day on the dogsled Everything else!
Everyone needs a miscellaneous bucket - mine contains 'odds and sods' which don't comfortably fit in any of the other galleries!
Crossbill 4 (M) Temporary gallery
A gallery created to hold images linked from local bird blogs - these images will not be retained permanently and are in the majority of cases simple record shots. Quality therefore is unlikely to be high!!