Birds of prey & owls portfolio Garden birds portfolio A term introduced in Victorian times with which we are all familiar - these are the birds that the majority of us get closest to
On the feeders portfolio While not the most natural of photographs placing the hide close to the feeders does give excellent photo opportunities - it allows you to see the common garden birds, which many of us take for granted, in all their glory. Seabirds portfolio Birds that can be found on or around the coast
Hirundines portfolio Wonderful to have the chance to observe and photograph these birds at such close quarters using a wireless shutter release Swans, Geese & Ducks portfolio Yes waterbirds but I think they deserve their own portfolio
Water birds portfolio These birds can be found in or around fresh water and include some of our most beautiful waterfowl Waxwings portfolio A winter migrant from Scandinavia, the high number of birds in 2010 and 2012 (what is known as an 'irruption') gave fantastic photo opportunities. All the images in this gallery are from 2012. A stunning bird.
The rest..... portfolio Nothing disparaging about this term - they just don't sit with any of the other portfolios I've created here (and that's simply a function of my increasingly addled brain!) Herons, Egrets & Cranes portfolio
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